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2010-03-24 16:59:36 by Pedro244

Is it normal to have a submission take 10 days to submit and be approuved?


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2010-03-24 17:06:17

it's normal for up to 2 months to have a submission to be approved.


2010-03-24 17:14:21

Actually yes, two weeks is the normal max you can expect for a submission to be approved (it´s up to 4 days on the average day, btw). But right now the list is quite backed up (600+ submissions) so you can expect it to take at least a month (it can go faster as well, but don´t expect it to).


2010-03-24 19:59:35

O.O *sigh* Oh well, I'll wait. Btw, check my audion submissions (when it finally gets approved)


2010-04-10 07:10:57

YAAAAAAAY Now it's here =]


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